With the steamy Texas heat we all have some mildew to clean off of our siding and brick. Surprisingly, the secret to getting rid of mildew doesn’t involve a power washer. Here’s what you need:

We’ve successfully used two types of cleaners on our siding. The first is Jomax Liquid Mold Remover. You mix this with bleach and water in a garden sprayer. Spray the mixture thoroughly on the mildew, wait about 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with a garden hose. (A spray nozzle helps with this.) If the first application doesn’t get all of it, reapply, wait again, scrub it briefly with a broom, and then rinse again.

The trick is being patient and waiting for the cleaner to soak into the mildew so it will release when you rinse it with the hose. You don’t want the cleaner to dry before you rinse it so you can’t wait too long, but if you don’t give it enough time to soak in you’ll have to re-apply it.

The other cleaner we’ve tried is Mold Armor EZ House Wash. The application process is similar, except instead of mixing this in a garden sprayer, you hook this onto the end of your garden hose and turn the nozzle one way to apply and another way to rinse. In our experience, Jomax does a little better job than Mold Armor, but Mold Armor is easier to apply. Plus if you have mildew high up on the side of your house, you can apply Mold Armor while standing on the ground, whereas getting up there with a garden sprayer might require getting on a ladder.

Just remember to wait for the cleaner to soak in before you rinse and you should get your siding or fence looking good again without too much trouble.