Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are fireworks allowed in our neighborhood?

A: No. Olympia Estates is within the city limits of Missouri City, TX and fireworks are illegal in Missouri City.

Q: What Recreational Facilities Are Available?

A: There is a community park in Olympia Estates with a children’s playground on Welborn Place that is open to all residents from dawn to dusk.

The association owns a piece of land on Vicksburg Boulevard that is reserved for recreational facilities that will be developed in the future.

Outside of our neighborhood, we are near Kitty Hollow Park, which features picnic facilities around a lake and a dog park. The park is located at 9555 State Highway 6. A jogging trail connects Olympia Estates, Vicksburg, and Lakeshore Harbour to Kitty Hollow Park.

Q: Can Olympia Estates residents use the pool in Vicksburg?

A: No, we do not have access to their pool.

Q: I’d like to modify the exterior of my home. What do I need to do?

A: Before you begin, fill out an Architectural Control Committee form and get approval. Allow at least 30 days for review. Modifications that require approval include but are not limited to sheds, play structures, permanent basketball goals, exterior doors, and exterior painting.

Q: Who Provides Water and Trash Service?

A: Depending upon which side of Vicksburg you live on, you receive water service from Fort Bend County MUD #47 or Fort Bend County MUD #48. Trash service is provided by WCA under contract to the City of Missouri City, but is billed by the MUD as part of your water bill.

Q: What Are The Trash Pickup Days?

A: Monday and Thursday. Recycling is every other Monday.

Q: What Can Be Placed In The Recycling Container?

A: The following things can be recycled curbside:

  • Metal: Aluminum cans, food trays and foil, steel and tin cans.
  • Plastic: #1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) Examples include disposable soft drink and water bottles. #2. High density polyethylene (HDPE). Examples include milk jugs, liquid detergent bottles, shampoo bottles. #3. Polyvinyl chloride (V or PVC). Examples include cooking oil bottles, beauty aid products and household cleaners. #4. Low density polyethylene (LDPE). Examples include margarine tubs, frozen dessert cups, six and twelve pack rings. #5. Polypropylene (PP). Examples include syrup bottles, yogurt cups, tubs and ketchup bottles. 7#. Polycarbonate (PC) and polylactide (PLA). Examples include baby bottles, reusable water bottles, stain-resistant food-storage containers. (tip: many plastic products have a recycling symbol with its number on the bottom)
  • Paper: newspaper, cardboard, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, mail, paperback books, paper bags, chip board, carrier stock, milk, juice cartons and other uncontaminated paper products.

The following items cannot be recycled curbside:

  • #6. Polystyrene (PS, Styrofoam) NOT ACCEPTABLE AS A RECYCLABLE PRODUCT. Examples include disposable coffee cups, clam-shell take-out containers.
  • Glass
  • Pizza boxes. This is considered a contaminated paper product because of the grease.

Q: Where do I report a streetlight outage?

A: Take down the number on the side of the streetlight(s) and report it here: https://slo.centerpointenergy.com/