Board of Directors

The association is governed by a five member board of volunteer homeowners who serve staggered 3 year terms. The offices are selected by the board after each annual meeting. Officers are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director At Large.)

  • President: Angie Stegman (term expires August 2023)
  • Vice President: John Davis (term expires August 2020)
  • Treasurer: Rhonda Echols (term expires August 2021)
  • Secretary: Ingrid Lee (term expires August 2022)
  • At Large: Harriet Ballou (term expires August 2023)

To contact the board, email oeboard (at) googlegroups (dot) com. Please include your email address and phone number in the body of your email so we can promptly reply to you.

Meetings are held bi-monthly and are held online via Zoom teleconference.

The association’s Annual Meeting and election is held in August.

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