Code Enforcement Update

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Missouri City Code Enforcement has suspended trash screening and trash placement enforcement until storm recovery efforts have been completed.

If your property has not sustained any damage, the association requests that you continue to abide by the trash screening rules and only place your trash containers at curbside on collection days.

Remember, WCA/Missouri City has suspended bulk waste pickup. The county’s contractor is going to sweep the city this weekend and every two weeks to pick up storm debris curbside. If you have debris that needs to be picked up, refer to this guide: Separating Your Debris. Note that electronics and appliances will not be picked up in the first sweep. Bagged debris will NOT be picked up as part of these sweeps! Please do not park vehicles curbside while collections are taking place. We have not received further information from the county/city as to which days the contractor will be in our neighborhood. Continue to monitor the city and county websites for updates.

Curbside recycling collection returns Monday September 11. UPDATE: Bulk Waste will also return on that date. WCA will take items that are not storm debris, including yard waste that is bagged per city guidelines.