Storm Debris Pickup Begins This Weekend In Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County’s debris contractor will makes its first of three storm debris collection sweeps this weekend in MCTX.

Each sweep will take place every two weeks. Use the attached “Separating Your Debris” flyer to help separate your piles for easier & successful debris pickup. Construction and vegetative debris will be picked up first.

NO bagged items will be picked-up, since its contents are unknown. Debris related to electronics & home goods will also NOT be picked-up by the contractor in the first sweep.

Residential & commercial property owners will need to move their vehicles away from the curb/debris pile-up to facilitate pick-up by the contractor.

Additional information pertaining to debris pick-up and other recovery efforts are made available at

Note: Normal Bulk Waste Pickup is suspended until after the county has finished these storm debris sweeps. Recycling resumes on Monday, but bulk waste will not be picked up by WCA.
Bulk Waste will now resume on Monday 9/11 along with recycling. WCA will pick up items that are not storm debris. The county will pick up storm debris per the schedule above. WCA will operate on its normal schedule to pick up normal trash, bulk, and recycling. For non-storm debris items, follow normal procedures, including bundling branches and bagging yard waste.

Storm debris must be separated as follows:

Separating Your Debris