The Olympia Estates Community Association, Inc.

Clarification on Evacuation Zones

We have reached out to the city regarding the mayor placing Olympia Estates Section 5 on its voluntary evacuation list even though it is not on the county’s list.

The county order covers MUDs and LIDs because that is their jurisdiction.

The city’s order covers neighborhoods because that is their jurisdiction.

The mayor looked at what was predicted at 59 feet and named the neighborhoods in the affected MUDs and any neighborhood that borders on the MUDs. If you look at the map, you see that a tiny piece of section 5 borders on the MUD that encompasses Lake Olympia. This is why the mayor put section 5 in his order.

The river projection is now expected to reach 56 feet.

The county has a tool where you can put in your address and look at the projected reach of the Brazos at 56 feet.

Fort Bend County projection of Brazos at 56 feet.