The Olympia Estates Community Association, Inc.

Olympia Estates To Replace Vicksburg Fence

The Olympia Estates board of directors has agreed on a proposal to replace the fence maintained by the association along Vicksburg Boulevard.

The fence, which was most recently replaced in 2009 following damage from Hurricane Ike is beginning to sag in spots. Furthermore, the original fence as constructed by the developer does not conform to minimum city standards of brick columns and wooden pickets, so it looks out of place next to the fencing in the Gateway Homes section of Olympia Estates and in Vicksburg.

The new fence will use the same brick columns as in the Gateway Homes sections and stained wooden pickets. The contractor is warranting the work for 7 years.

The project, which will cost about $149,000 in total, is scheduled to begin after Labor Day. Homeowners whose homes back up to Vicksburg will receive a letter once the schedule is worked out. The contractor plans to take down and put up the fence two houses at a time to reduce the amount of time their backyard is exposed to Vicksburg.

Funding for the project will come from the association’s operating account, which is funded by the annual assessment. The association will not need to dip into its reserve funds to complete the project.