The Olympia Estates Community Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting And Election Set for August 21

The Olympia Estates Community Association will hold its annual meeting and election on August 21 at 6:30 PM at the Sienna Branch Library. Two seats on the board of directors are open. One incumbent, John Davis, is running for re-election.

Win Prizes At The Meeting

Guest speakers from the city as well as the fence contractor that we are hiring to replace the Vicksburg fence are scheduled to attend, and a door prize drawing for gift cards will be held for all households who attend the meeting. We need at least 51 households to either attend the meeting or submit a proxy form in order to hold the election.

Join The Board

Homeowners who are interested in running for the board should complete a Candidate Questionnaire before April 18th. Nominations will also be taken from the floor.

Turn In A Proxy If You Can’t Attend

A copy of the Annual Meeting Notice and Directed Proxy is available here. If you cannot attend the meeting, please fill out and return your proxy by April 18th. Proxies can be submitted by fax, mail, or email. Turning in a proxy helps ensure that we have enough people to hold the election and saves the community the expense of calling another meeting

The proxy form gives you these options:

  • Assign a homeowner you designate to vote on your behalf at the meeting
  • Assign the board president to vote on your behalf at the meeting
  • Decline to vote in the election entirely and just count the proxy form towards reaching the quorum of 51 homeowners

If you’re not sure if you can attend, consider submitting a proxy. If you end up attending the meeting after all, your proxy will be revoked and you can vote at the meeting.